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The idea for the app came from a physical sound book, which Katya bought in Stockholm for her son Victor while traveling.

In this book, each page had a sound button camouflaged in the illustrations, which was a different approach from most sound books that usually have all the buttons grouped together on a side bar. Katya liked this design solution a lot, because usually those side bar buttons are very confusing to the little humans since they never know how to associate a button with a page in the book and just frantically push the buttons driving parents crazy.

So the Swedish book was great, but unfortunately it didn’t last very long. The wires, hidden underneath the paper, eventually wore out and one page after another all sounds stopped working.

But it made Katya think, what if this book were electronic? Then the wires would never wear out. And the best part, the illustrations could be animated. So she brought this up to Masha at their usual tea-coffee-biscuits meeting, she loved the idea and they began working on it right away.

Why? Why? Why?

Why can’t I hear the sound?

If the sound isn’t working, please turn off the “Mute” button in Control Center, or if you have an older iPad and you don’t see “Mute” button in Control Center, slide the physical switch next to the volume buttons into OFF position.

Why are the buttons so small?

That’s because we want kids to develop motor skills. If touching a button is challenging for your kid in the beginning, no worries let him keep trying. In a few days he will master it.

Why is the play button disabled after first touch?

It’s in children's nature to keep pressing the button, to make sure it works. Most of the time this behavior is causing animation run and stop, run and stop. Kids get frustrated. So we decided to disable the button and play each animation for 10 sec.

Why is the url on the information screen not a link?

Since kids love touching everything, we don’t want your baby to browse the web by accident.

Have more questions?

Or would like to give us some feedback? Please shoot us an email.
katyasko @ and
mashatyomkina @


vector portrait of Katya

Katya Zdorov

Katya is a software engineer and a mother of two kids, Victor (3.5) and Veronica (2). She enjoys electronic music, traveling, creating clothes, designing and developing for web. Bibika is her first iOS app.

Role: Idea, design, illustration, animation, iOS development.


For collaboration and remote projects shout her an email to katyaskvo @

vector portrait of Masha

Masha Tyomkina

Masha is a motion designer who loves animation, illustration, design, photography and everything else creative. She is also a mother of two little girls Katya (3.5) and Elena (1).

Role: Illustration, animation, design.


For collaboration and remote projects contact her at mashatyomkina @

Special thanks to Paul Zabelin

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